Professional VR services at the highest level

3D Sales Technologies GmbH (3DST) is a commercial spin-off of leading German Computer Graphics Research Institutes.

The core competence of 3DST is the creation of interactive and highly intuitive to use Touchscreen presentations and 3D documents in photo realistic quality.
With our Touchscreen presentations all important company informations can be presented in a very attractive and intuitive way. Our 3D product presentations enables to experience all the features and functions of complex technical products in a very easy an attractive manner.  Product operating, maintenance, assembly or disassembly can be demonstrated step by step within these documents.

(the shown images are screenshots of several interactive 3D documents, created by 3DST for our customers)

Our documents (for Touchscreen presentations as well as for 3D product presentations) mostly are PDF documents and 3D-PDF documents, which can be used without any additional software or plugins directly within an Adobe (R) Reader. In order to have no "media disruptions", we also embed existing customer videos into interactive PDF documents for instance.

But according to the customers requirements, we also are able to prepare documents for special 3D hardware as autostereo 3D displays or interlaced stereo 3D displays or projection systems.

Therefore 3DST cooperates with some leading manufacturer of interactive 3D software and immersive hardware.

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