New communication channels for your products

The function of complete tooling machines - shown here for a KAPP Gear Center KX 100 DYNAMIC - can be demonstrated very impressive with 3D Product Presentations of 3DST.

The goal of 3DST is to enable customers to improve their revenues, productivity, and existing business processes in the area of sales, marketing and support by using high-level interactive 3D technologies.

Using our solutions and services, companies are enabled to use new, fast and highly intuitive communication channels to demonstrate their products, the product features and functionality, as well as the self guided installation, usage, technical support and maintenance of complex products.

For on-site presentations to customers, for on-line customer presentations into the Web, for presentations into the own Showroom or on fairs and events - interactive 3D presentations shows more than only pictures or videos.

They are (nearly) as good as your real products.

A picture says more than thousand words -
an interactive 3D model shows so much more than each picture!