Interactive 3D brochures

A very exciting and innovative possibility for your product marketing.

Using already existing print media of your company (image brochures, product brochures etc.) we provide multi-sided interactive 3D brochures based on your specifications.
Therefore we add 3D windows into the existing print brochures exact fitting (for instance instead of existing images), where a 3D model of the particular product can be zoomed and rotated very intuitivly using a mouse (or finger touch) and also pre-defined 3D animations of product functions or features can be started very easy by clicking buttons or keywords within the brochure page.
If needed, the 3D windows can be defined this way, that the prior print content (for instance images) is used for printing instead of the 3D content.
The number of pages and 3D windows into a 3D brochure is not limited in principle. If needed, we also can copy already prepared 3D pages or windows also into other language versions of the brochure.
If you are interested in, we gladly will send you some interactive 3D brochure examples, we have done for our customers (you can send an email to or use our contact site).