3D Manuals

We provide digital manuals with integrated interactive 3D models as:

  • Assembly Instructions
  • User Guides
  • Maintenance Manuals

This new, interactive type of manuals, which allows intuitive and free navigation into embedded 3D models as well as the usage of pre-defined 3D animations, enables very clear and precise instructions for the assembly, usage, disassembly and maintenance of complex products.

Typically, this kind of manuals is produced as Adobe 3D-PDF document, but might as well be integrated into Microsoft Powerpoint documents with embedded interactive 3D models.

Contact us - we gladly send you different examples of such 3D manuals for free.

Example of an interactive assembly manual based on a 3D-PDF document (~ 1 MB)

(Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1 required;
use the left and/or right mouse button to rotate, zoom or pan the 3D model;
activate 3D animations by clicking the buttons right side.)