Distribute 3D Models via 3D PDF

Interactive 3D models can now be embedded directly into PDF documents! This enables to provide intelligent documents, which can be opened with a conventional Adobe PDF Reader (starting from version 8.1).

3D-PDF allows the free navigation within 3D models as well as activating pre-defined animations. This enables to create 3D data sheets or 3D assembly instructions, user guides and maintenance manuals as an interactive 3D-PDF document. These documents you can distribute via email or make them available for download into your Web sites.

We provide complex 3D-PDF documents including pre-defined 3D animations  according to your requirements. We process thereby arbitrary CAD formats or provide 3D data by a 3D-Scan of your physical products.

Contact us - we gladly send you different examples of such 3D-PDF documents for free.

Hier finden Sie weitere aktuelle Beispiele:

Here you can see an example for an interactive product presentation based on 3D PDF technology (file size 736 kB)

Choose a single part by clicking the part with your mouse to get Meta information for this part or to hide this part or all other parts.

To rotate, zoom or pan the model, move your mouse into the 3D window with hold left or/and right mouse button.