Rich Media Production - high quality interactive 3D models

(screenshots of the interactive VR Model of an aircraft engine)

Using either your existing 3D CAD data or a surface model derived from a 3D scan of your physical product, we produce high-quality interactive 3D and VR presentations of your products.

Other then just videos or animations, this interactive 3D models can be used to demonstrate product features in real-time and "on demand" controlled by the presenter. These presentations are complete digital replicas of the physical real products, but allows much easier to demonstrate details of product functions, product behavior or just different product configurations as it is possible with the real product

For the production of interactive 3D models we are able to import all usual CAD or other 3D formats. If you don't have original 3D data, we also are able to reconstruct a 3D model from 2D data like 2D CAD, photgraphies or designs sketches.

In order to protect you from product piracy, all internal product structures as well as sensitive product details can be removed or reduced significantly within the resulting VR model. A data reduction of up to 90% in relation to a CAD model is possible. These reduction still offers excellent optical quality.

In a second step the VR model then can be enriched with interactive simulations to visualize product functions and physical product behaviour like dynamics, gravitation and collision.
By including material properties, textures and lighting you receive a virtual product presentation that has the optical quality of a physical product.

However, the VR model is more versatile, secure and may be more economically used than its physical counterpart.

Once produced, Virtual product presentations can be used for multiple purposes: on stereoscopic presentation systems, mobile VR systems and even autosteroscopic displays as well as within office applications on your notebook or for 3D internet applications.