Interactive Touchscreen presentations

- complete company presentations "with Touch"

You want to be able to present your company without any preparation effort best way it is needed for your actually running customer pitch?

You want to allow your visitors within your lobby or at your fair stand, to experience themself the strengthens of your company and products in a very intuitive and interesting way?

You want to give your sales & marketing a tool, which allows to show very impressive company presentations which can be easily adapted for the concrete situation?

Then you NEED an interactive Touchscreen Presentation for you company, which is optimized for using on tablets or tochscreens, but can be used also on any notebook.

Our Touchscreen Presentations (e.g. for Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, KAPP NILES, FESTO) can be distributed easily by USB-Stick and can be used with a standard Adobe (R) Reader - without any additional software or plugins.

They are usable anytime with different types of devices (tablets, notebooks, PC's with external Touchscreens etc.).

Different types of existing documents, as PPT presentations, image and product videos, spreadsheets, organigrams, data sheets, product images, fact sheets, operating / assembly or maintenance instructions, 3D documents, press releases, vacancies etc. are connected within an hierarchical interactive information structure and can be opened anytime very easy by a fingertouch resp. mouse click on predefined buttons. Interactive cross references helps in addition to find related informations.

Once created, interactive Touchscreen presentations can be easily extended or changed, because the changes only regards the related node within the object-oriented information structure.

Because this kind of presentations is optimized especially for offline usage, we can show here only some snapshots. If you are interested in our technology, please contact us, we will find a way to demonstrate some examples to you.